Maxim Enterprise, LLC

Roderick Lowe

Art Director at Maxim Enterprise, Inc.

Lindsay is highly organized and detailed designer that became one of our greatest joys to work along with! She assisted us in landing various accounts. She brought an energy into the department that made working alongside her a great pleasure! Her great attitude combined with her good eye for design makes her a true asset to any team!

Berkshire Bride

Neathawk Designs was one of the BEST decisions we’ve made as owners of! Up until 2011, we had no logo and were creating all of our marketing materials through Print Shop. This was a very long, lengthy and arduous task!

When we approached Lindsay about working up a potential logo for us, we decided that we’d interview a few designers. We were very skeptical about letting someone else create our vision for our brand.

Upon Lindsay’s first attempt at creating a logo for, she knocked it out of the park! She captured exactly that fresh, current and fun look we had so longed to attain! Since then, Lindsay has created virtually EVERY piece of our marketing materials right down to reusable Berkshire Bride bags, business cards, marketing packets, flyers for shows, tickets, gift certificates, ad slicks and the list goes on and on! 

The peace of mind we have gained by letting someone we trust create the vital materials we need to effectively run our business is priceless! Lindsay’s keen eye for detail, her flexibility, professionalism, creativity and more are what have made our growing process in that much smoother!  Working with Neathawk Designs has been SUCH a pleasurable experience! We will continue to actively support her and utilize her amazing talents!

-Diane & Jerrid Burdick, Owners
Berkshire Wedding Associates, Inc.