In The News

Through the years the work from Neathawk Designs has made it to the mainstream news.


Vectric Case Study

For this month’s (August 2018) case study, we focus on Vectric User Group Meeting 2018 guest speaker Lindsay Neathawk.

The Times of Israel

The Times of Israel Article

Renee Ghert-Zand contacted Lindsay in November 2017 and wrote this amazing article about the sculpture Lindsay replicated.

Shopbot Tools Blog

Shopbot Tools Blog

Shortly after the completion of the Arch of Titus project we were contacted by Shopbot Tools if they could write a blog about us!

Arch of titus iBerskshires Article

August 27th Neathawk Designs held an Open House, and invited the local media to come by and share our store. came and wrote up this great article!

Berkshire Trade Article

Berkshire Trade Magazine

Article written by Brad Johnson about the 'Spoils Panel: Arch of Titus" project


WIRED Magazine

In 2012 Neathawk Designs was commissioned to collaborate with an archiologist in an attempt to use brand new software created to see if they could take the software and output it as a CAD file and then in turn CNC carve a replica of the artifact. The Nuzi lion was created for the Harvard Semitic Museum.


An article about us right after we got our larger 4ft by 8ft CNC machine

Vectric Case Study

Vectric is a company we use to create almost all our signs  artwork. In 2012 they did a case study on a project Ryan made for a local restaurant in Williamstown Coyote Flaco. He built a custom tequila cabinet for them. 

Billsville Board

Shortly after we installed Williamstown Community Preschool's sign, Billville Board wrote a short little blurb about it.

Bible History Live

Another publication that wrote about the Nuzi Lion from Harvards Semitic Museum


Berkshire Trade Commerce 

While we installed a sign for the Williamstown Community Preschool, the Berkshire Trade Commerce was there to interview us and find out more about our company.

Lindsay has had a few people write a review on working with her. Here are just a few